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16 September 2007 @ 07:29 am
Recs - New

Fractured Cracky!Tales: Cindersara by Catlover. Funny fantasy-like story.

Passing Storm by Rabidfan. Nick is very Nick-like and actually worried about his career and what people will think if they know he and Greg are together.

Showers by Wojo Written for the August prompt at NicknGreg, “Storm”. Greg leaves the house he shares with Nick after an argument. Sweet story with a happy ending. Always a plus.

Silent Understanding by QueenOfTheUniverse. Nick and Greg are at a brutal crime scene involving the death of an entire family. Well done, sharply etched characterizations. Just enough angst to make it poignant but not so much as to depress the reader.

Mean by Rabidfan. I really liked the repetition of the definition in this one. Very circular and meaningful, but yet, it felt very unfinished.

Riff by JustPlainChy. Guh. Just guh. This piece was beautiful without ever resorting to purple prose. A simple set of actions in beautiful detail.

Zebra by bachelor_girl. Greg’s still in the lab, using his ubber-skills to help solve a puzzle involving a student at the local University. Pre-slash. Ends maybe a little quick, but heartfelt and well told.
29 July 2007 @ 07:30 am
Stress Fracture by Catlover2x - Nick tries to rush his healing when he hurts himself on the lab softball team. Established relationship. PG

Where are you by Ms Maggs - Completed, 32 chapters. Working a brutal case left Greg and Sara shaken until Nick and Grissom intervened. A blend of drama, romance and humor with character backstory and relationship details. Pairings Nick & Greg and GSR are the focus.

The day before you by Ms Maggs - The sequel to Where are you is a WIP. In a lab full of rats and investigative geniuses, it’s hard to keep a secret. They all think they know the truth, but does anyone really have ALL the answers? (Latest Chapter 5 posted 7-25)

Salam by WitchGirl - While investigating the brutal murder of a Muslim woman, Nick and Greg find themselves caught in a hostage situation and Sara is enlisted as a negotiator. Dealing with racism, hate and ignorance, the team has to make sure everyone comes out of this alive. Non slash - Team friendship.

Stokes, Sanders and the Lost Tribe of Samartia by Kennedy - Completed. Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders are rival treasure-hunters who team up to share costs going up the Amazon in search of the fabled Samartian Diadem. A well written AU that stays in character.

Made of Stars by ChemFishee - Good, solid characterizations, true to the canon versions. The premise is a power outage raising the heat physically and emotionally, leading to escape to the yard where the loss of city lights shows the sky to be filled with stars. A moment in time sort of fic, with tenderness and very true to life male bonding issues.

All He Needs by kennedy - A story of Nick’s desperate loneliness following the events of Grave Danger. Of how he longs to have Greg with him, but knows with his parents there, that it is not possible. PG

Boys in Skirts by risacooper - It's some high class porn... Well, it's Greg in a skirt. Don't read if you don't like it kinky, but if you like your smut a bit steamy - this is a good one. NC17

Greg Sanders: private dick #5 by Catlover2x Vengeance of a Jade and a Shark --- The noir series that just keeps getting better and better.
05 July 2007 @ 07:17 pm
Heat rabidfan A nice piece of the weather related porn (NC17)
Sin tu calor my_only_reason A poem-type ficlet about loss, written for the </a></b></a>nickngreg "Heat" challenge. (PG)
I Wanted You Nearer by Loretta Very nice one shot interaction.
Engelmann Prickly Pear by kennedy Very nice story written from the POV of an elderly neighbor. Very funny. (PG).

Bonus Recs - Art!
Wallpapers for the Gay pulp challenge by beelikej
Manip by r_sambora_luvr
Header by sandrainthesun


As you can tell, I'm very behind on keeping this updated --- This rec list isn't even near completed. I have a large list of works yet to read. I'm looking for a few people to help me out on this --- I would send you a small list of stories to read a week (perhaps 5) and I would request that you email me direct feedback based on the descriptions of how we rec on the main page. Please email me at itglittersmusings@yahoo.com for more information if you're interested.
04 May 2007 @ 06:17 am
So, I didn't ever get a change to read everything that I wanted to read, as in I never even got close to reading the multichapter works that I was supposed to. But, after this weekend, I'll be moved and thus ends the saga of learning a new job and moving. (Which would be the explanation for why there wasn't any posts for over a month). Here's something hold everyone over

Leave It Be e_dog Greg knows that something is wrong, but he can't put his finger on it. (pre-slash) (PG)

Heat Wave gryvon Greg dreams of fire. Post Play With Fire (pre-slash) (PG-13)

Drabble for Empty Eyes
shacky20 Short, painful and to the point (PG13)

New Beginnings serenity A little ficlet with Nick and Greg painting (pre slash) (PG13)

And Chem sends out a few --

Two Seconds i_heart_ng A post- Post Mortem drabble --I like the time aspect. And emotions weren't dumbed down

Call and Response inksheddings -- "There's a story in every song, but they only come alive in the heart of the listener." I think that I might be in love with it at the moment. (PG)
28 April 2007 @ 09:03 pm
Apologies for the lack of updates. And apologies that this one is really only a fraction of what I wanted to get to. This really only is a spot check of the last three weeks (and I am about 6 weeks behind in reading). So, I've got a lot of stuff to delve into, and a lot of multi chapter works that have finished up recently.

Starlight black_dahlia63 Even though it could have easily led into porn, it didn't, and it didn't need to. It's post Grave Danger without letting the horror of the kidnapping overshadow the depth of their relationship.

Bad Day? keisterbanjo It didn't try to be anything more than what it should have been. It was fluff, but it was sweet. It focuses on the smallest things that can make the worst day better.

The Search for the Perfect Outfit
gregisamazing Greg searches for the perfect outfit. A nice little piece of fluff.

I just got to DANCE! cinderlilly Greg gets caught in one of his own secret rituals. Funny!fic

Of Mice, Men, and Disappointment gregisamazing A throwback post ep to Chasing the Bus. Greg thinks about how the night went and what Nick will think about him.

Old Man kennedy Nick's feeling old and tired.
10 March 2007 @ 02:43 pm
Humbug e_dog Post Fallen idols - Ficlet set up for car sex... that doesn't go as planned. Very realistic and cute. (PG-13)

Hay Loft dagsrommer - A fun ficlet with the boys at the ranch... and they have some visitors while making a stop in the barn. (NC-17)

Ripper wojo - A domestic fic where Nick gives Greg something he's always wanted. Playful and realistic. A very sweet read. (G)

Secrets of Babysitting TanIsAFan Post The Finger - This fic has already been on her once, but it's now posted to the main sites, and this is just a friendly reminder that if you haven't read this Greg and Lindsey fic with implied Nick/Greg you should. Greg is forced to babysit Lindsey in his lab. (PG)

Every word you never said TanIsAFan Post The Accused is Entitled 3.02 - Though this fic is labeled complete, I will refuse to believe that it is. In any case, it's an emotional roller coaster that flows throughout. (PG13)

Bad News Greg kennedy - Because only Kennedy could make baseball and sweaty non-porny... Totally kidding. Very lovely addition to his 25fluffyfics challenge, where Nick tries to teach Greg that All American Past Time. (PG)

I don't opaquevision - She is the master of her domain, and her domain is ficlets that she writes in 45 minutes for a challenge community. (PG 13)
24 February 2007 @ 06:33 pm
Empty Derelict let_fate_decide Ficlet based on the prompt "black, white, and shades of gray". Excellent snapshot. (PG)

DSI Kennedy An author that we can always depend on. Great, funny domestic fic. (PG)

Sweet Child of Mine Kwirk A surprisingly believable fic about them wanting kids. Characterizations are strong, a promising new author. (PG)

Transcending the Trouble RurouniHime Honestly one of the best fics I've read in a while. It was honest and true and captured Nick and Greg's personalities and banter in such a spectacular way. (R)

Starting the fire catlover2x A beautifully written back and forth about how the smallest spark can become something amazing. (R)

First Day Back  catlover2x A comfortable domestic fic focused on Greg's first day back after Fannysmackin', (PG)

Thought I Saw You In Vegas (Old Habits Die Hard) ChemFishee A short case file of sorts, five cases. Semi-gen, but Nick/Greg at the end. Well written, snippets of everyone. (R) (Season seven)

No Strings Attached Serenity An amazing piece of work. It's romance without being overly done. (R)
18 February 2007 @ 04:41 pm
Worse Than Bad Luck opaquevision Another gem of a ficlet from her. Greg's having a bad... year? (PG)
Greg Sanders, Private Dick catlover2x The series of Greg continues in Casefile 4: Follow the Blue Thread. AU doesn't get better than this, people. (NC-17)
Territory KennedyUnknown Another fuffly fic challenge ficlet. A new woman comes into the lab with Greg. (PG)
History Boyz Part One and Part Two catlover2x and JennyBel75 Another part of the Masquerade series, which is fantasy smut, and some of the best smut out there. (NC-17)
Heart Print Boxers flipflopadd1ct Valentine's Day themes fun fic regarding Greg's choice of underwear. (R)

Mod note: Sorry for the lack of updates. There will another rec list in the next few days since I am still catching up on my reading, I just wanted to get these up in case anyone was looking for something to read.
27 January 2007 @ 12:13 am
Easy and Uncomplicated by opaquevision  - A short ficlet about a snippet of an afternoon. It's fluffy with a pinch of angst. I adored it! (PG)

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall by
kennedy_unknown  - It's a race against time as Greg gets caught in rising waters. Lots and lots of hurt followed by so much sweet comfort, it's ridiculous. (R)

What Most Couples Do by
kennedy_unknown  - I craved French toast for weeks after reading this.  Fantastic characterizations. It's nice to see them being fluffy and romantic without going overboard. (PG)

Lies In The Dark by
it_glitters  - Nick tries to convince Greg that he's made a mistake. Post-FS. (R) WIP

Crush by
Serenity - Who has a crush that they don't want to divulge? Fantastic case file interwoven with a personal backstory. (NC-17)

Mr. Reliabe by
kennedy_unknown  - Nick's been on a slow burn. His temper flares and causes a reaction he's not prepared for. Brilliant study of Nick's psyche during season 7. (PG-13)

Making It Work by
rabidfan  - Repeating phrases done right. I find the ending somewhat implausible, but I like the thread woven throughout. (PG)

Same Old Lang Syne by
jlm121  - New author. Good character study of Nick when he encounters an old girlfriend and wonders what his life could've been like. (PG)
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11 January 2007 @ 11:29 am
Instead of normal recs...

Having said that... has anyone seen anything that hasn't been rec'd? I was noticing a lack of updates since my last recs posts. Obviously, you can still go to the established writers and see if there is something you haven't read there, but has anything come out in the last few weeks that I missed? The fandom seems to be slowing down a bit with the holidays and the hiatus of the show.

ETA: One that was never posted to any of the main N/G sites: Secrets of Babysitting tanisafan A Greg-centric one shot with Lindsey, withe implied Nick and Greg written for the csianti_block "Pet Peeves" challenge.